Chile is a natural laboratory that is constantly generating data thanks to the scientific work carried out in the country. Astronomy and Earth observation are the clearest examples of this. Data Observatory seeks to democratize open access to the data and knowledge generated from these areas of research. To make this data available from anywhere, we are working with technology from the cloud. Through the availability of data, we want to maximize the benefit that can be obtained from it for science, research and productive development. At the same time, by making the data available, we want to contribute to the generation of skills and talent, so that, from different areas, they can find new uses for them and the algorithms derived from them. Collaborative work is essential for our work, since it is the one that allows us to tackle different projects that seek answers to various problems and that bring together the talent and capabilities of numerous sectors.

We believe that from Data Observatory we can lead Chile’s position as a world leader in data science, contributing to the training of talent, retraining the workforce and contributing to productive development. For the development of a sustainable system, it is necessary to access information from the environment and process it in real time to make better decisions. Our job as Data Observatory is to create the platform for that data to be available.