DO team

Rodrigo Carrasco

Chief Engineering Officer

Professor and researcher at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences and academic director of the Master in Industrial Engineering at the Adolfo Ibáñez University. In 2015 he founded the UAI Systems center dedicated to technology transfer from industrial engineering and operations research to industry, of which he was director until 2018.

His research focuses on the development of decision support tools. In particular, he works on combinatorial problems of production and resource management, using algorithms of approximation and mathematical optimization to solve them. It has focused on applied problems associated with control and management, incorporating the uncertainty inherent in these problems in real life. In teaching, we teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Operations Management, Mathematical Modeling and Optimization.

Prior to joining UAI, he was a researcher at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, USA, where he developed algorithms for energy management. Previously, he worked for 4 years at the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton on operations management projects in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Canada.

Rodrigo is an electrical industrial engineer and Master in Control Systems from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2013 he obtained his Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, USA, where he was also an Adjunct Instructor of the Master in Financial Engineering.

Andrés Jordán

Chief of Science Officer

Astronomer, director of the MAS Millennium Institute of Astrophysics and professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University. PhD in Physics, Rutgers University. Prior to joining UAI, he was a professor at the Institute of Astrophysics at the Catholic University, a postdoctoral researcher at the European Southern Observatory in Germany and a Clay fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

His main area of ​​research is the discovery and characterization of exoplanets. He has had an important role in HATSouth, and is now co-leading a planet discovery project with the TESS satellite, the most important planet search engine today. He has carried out pioneering studies of exoplanet atmospheres and is co-founder of the company Obstech SpA, which developed the El Sauce observatory, located in the Coquimbo Region and in which dozens of astronomical projects are housed. A complete list of his publications can be found at:

Leopoldo Bertossi

Chief Talent Officer

He is Full Professor of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the Adolfo Ibáñez University. He is a Bachelor, Master and Doctor in Mathematics from the Pontificia Universidad de Chile (PUC).

His research has focused on the areas of computational logic, knowledge representation, and data management. His research interests focus on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He is Professor Emeritus at the School of Computer Science at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), Senior Computer Scientist at RelationalAI Inc. (Berkeley, USA), and Senior Researcher at the Millennium Institute for Data Foundations (IMFD).

He has been a professor at the PUC Faculties of Mathematics and Engineering (until 2001), visiting professor at the Universities of Toronto and Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and visiting researcher at the Technical Universities of Vienna, Technical Berlin, Marseille (Luminy ), from Calabria, and Bolzano-Bozen.

In addition, he was president of the Chilean Society for Computer Science (SCCC).