Latin America is in the process of digitization, transforming workplaces, education, and communities through digital technologies, automated processes, and the use of data as the basis for decision-making. This generates a transformation in the business, labor and community culture, but at the same time it requires new skills to face this scenario.

The training of talent in Data Science is one of the differentiating factors that Chile will be able to generate, exploiting the data, its applications and innovations. Companies and scientific organizations look for this type of profiles linked to the world of mathematics, computing, statistics, science, in general, and (economics) application domains. However, the demand for (talents) experts in the labor market is high, and data scientists, data engineers and big data experts are not able to meet the existing demand.

In Chile, the training of professionals and researchers in Data Science, and the research itself in the area, are still relatively incipient. However, universities are taking the appropriate steps to catch up. In this context, the Data Observatory has a lot to contribute.

The Data Observatory, due to its nature and data accessibility, promotes and articulates through guidelines and areas of specialization, the training of professionals with a solid technical background in data visualization, data architecture and analysis, as well as the ability to lead and coordinate the efforts of a team of expert analysts, Business Intelligence (BI) engineers, and data scientists. At the same time, it develops research and supports researchers in the area.