From the sky to the earth, Earth observation

The new generation of Earth observation information systems for the first time provides quick access to decades of data. Using these to understand our planet and make decisions is the next big challenge. The first step is to deliver flexible and robust systems designed to change the way government, industry, and researchers make decisions.

The Data Observatory in collaboration with CSIRO collaborate for the implementation and enablement of the Data Cube (open source solution containing decades of high-quality Earth observation data), in order to support decision-making using satellite images.

Other projects

From the earth to sky, astronomy and astroinformatics
The Data Observatory under its area of work from the earth to sky, aims to exploit the data generated through this revolutionary observation capacity in the country. Currently, the projects of LSST, an association of the Data Observatory and ALeRCE,…
Data for public goods, decision support based on open data
Open data is data that is available for use without legal restrictions and under an open license. These data may be public or those that their owners have decided to leave without restrictions for their free use.