What is Data Observatory

It is a public-private non-profit organization aimed at enhancing the benefit we obtain from public data, of global value and unique that are being generated in our country.

How do you ensure that the DO is open to the community?

The DO has 4 founding partners:
• The Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation
• The Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism
• Amazon Web Services
• Adolfo Ibañez University.

These founders have acquired the commitment to work collaboratively with
all actors from industry and academia interested in dating activities

The DO will use multicloud architecture and will actively work to incorporate all the
Chilean and international academic community. To ensure the above, the DO
contemplates the creation of a committee of strategic partners, understood as all
those who can add value to the foundation.

How is the promotion of science ensured?

The DO has a permanent commitment to the promotion of science.
For them, the data that is administered will always be open and free to use for all those interested in developing research.

The only exception to the above are those data that are originally protected by industrial secret, intellectual property. The DO will not work with personal data in the early stages of its formation.

Do I have to pay to access the data?

Access to data in the state generated by the observatories will be free.

The DO business model contemplates a charge for the use of data only when it is data that has been processed or ordered in a certain way that adds value and will only be charged to those who want to access it for the purpose of commercial technological solutions .

How can I be part of the DO?

In the coming months, the call for strategic partners will be published.

In it, the process to join as a strategic member of the foundation will be detailed, as well as the specific contributions that will be considered of value to the DO.