14 June 2021

Data Observatory: first provider of data for Ocean Hackathon 2021

  • DO became the first provider of data for this event that has been co-organized by Inria Chile, in which participants will use the information to develop useful and innovative technological tools for solving issues related to the ocean.

The Ocean Hackathon is an international scientific event where various teams have a 48-hour access to digital databases related to the sea, in order to face a challenge through the development of a pilot or concept test. This year, the sixth version of the event will be carried out, for the first time in our country, and Data Observatory (DO) has joined in on this initiative as the first provider of data.

The Ocean Hackathon 2021, co-organized by Inria Chile – French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation – along with the French Embassy and the French Institute in Chile, will receive satellite data from DO to be provided to the researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and participating teams that will be using them. Furthermore, the foundation will share infrastructure for processing the information, as well as remote access, and coaching sessions will be offered before and during the event, to be carried out between the 5th and the 7th of November. With all these tools available, the teams participating in this great challenge will have the chance to develop technologies for solving problems related to the ocean.

Through this collaboration, and considering the trials that will be selected, both Inria and Data Observatory will be able to make contact with other institutions – universities, education centers or organizations – having data that could be necessary for the teams that will participate in this innovation contest.

The director of Inria Chile, Nayat Sánchez-Pi, appreciated this agreement and mentioned that “we are pleased to include the collaboration of Data Observatory. With the information they will provide, we hope that a larger number of participants will be joining the Ocean Hackathon. It is important to remind everyone that there is still space available for other entities, centers, or institutions to register for this event, which is taking place for the very first time in South America”.

Carlos Jerez, Director of Data Observatory and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez – one of the partners of DO, along with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism; and Amazon Web Services – appreciated the contribution that can be made on behalf of academia. “The Ocean Hackathon is an excellent initiative centered on caring for marine resources and educating young people in this field. Data Observatory wishes to contribute to this global challenge by means of satellite data and infrastructure availability, along with our students, graduates, and researchers, for the proposal of innovative scientific-technological solutions,”



The Ocean Hackathon is an international event, unprecedented in Chile, fostered by Campus mondial de la mer, a French community dedicated to the knowledge and appreciation of marine resources. This is an official encounter within the framework of the “United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development” (#OceanDecade), aimed at solving challenges associated with understanding and protecting the ocean.

All participants in this Hackathon will receive a metadata catalog with access to data made available by those who are in association with this event, such as Data Observatory.

More information at: www.ocean-hackathon.fr

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