9 June 2021


  • The incorporation of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, a founding partner of DO, in REUNA’s very high-speed fibre optic digital data highway will undoubtedly collaborate with the performance of Data Observatory’s future initiatives. Carlos Jerez, interim executive director of DO, celebrated this accomplishment as it will strengthen DO infrastructure at the onset of a summon for new strategic contributors.

On Friday, the 28th of May, in the context of REUNA’s First General Assembly of Members 2021, universities Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) and Andrés Bello (UNAB) were presented before the remaining members of the Corporation, convening universities, astronomical observatories, and research centers that are spread out from Arica to Aysen.

Carlos Jerez, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, participated in name of UAI, and he will also be the Institutional Representative of this university in REUNA. During this opportunity, Jerez mentioned that “it is a pleasure for the University, and particularly for the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences, to be a part of this Network. It is something many researchers have aspired for many years, and we have been discussing our membership since 2019, mainly catalyzed by our role as founding partners of Data Observatory which, as you may already know, will soon be inviting new partners to the foundation, and which absolutely required REUNA infrastructure for its operations. Therefore, on behalf of the University, this is really a very strong sign of support with regards to REUNA and, obviously, with regards to what the associated ecosystem represents, and we appreciate being a part of this. Furthermore, the intent is to eventually extend this connection to our campus in Viña del Mar, and grow together with all of you. Consequently, in the name of the Rector, who was presently unable to attend, we are truly very pleased and we assume this association very positively moving forward.

For her part, Paola Arellano, executive director of REUNA, highlighted that the main promoter for the entrance of UNAB to the Chilean Academic Network has been the Faculty of Exact Sciences, especially the Department of Astronomy, which is a greatly renowned research group with collaborations that are active both nationally and internationally, in a similar manner as Data Observatory was for UAI.

“The inclusion of both universities in REUNA is the reflection of the Corporation’s strategy to progress towards an interconnected national system for science and higher education, both locally and worldwide, in order to favor teamwork that is transversal and interdisciplinary, in areas that are of mutual interest, and making the best use of established networks for collaboration in pursuit of the development of national science, technology and innovation”, Arellano stated.

REUNA is currently present in 13 regions of the country, connecting more than 400,000 Chilean students, academics, and researchers with their counterparts around the world, through high-speed networks that are exclusively dedicated to scientific and educational communities.


Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) is a nonprofit private institution, established as such in the year 1988. UAI’s mission is to deliver education that allows for students to develop the totality of their human and intellectual potential. In order to achieve this goal, UAI is committed to imparting professional preparation that is based on high academic standards, contributing to the broadening of knowledge frontiers through a high level of research, and transferring this knowledge for the benefit of society.

For further information, visit https://www.uai.cl/


Universidad Andrés Bello, founded in 1988, has the mission of being a university that offers, to those who seek to progress, an inclusive educational experience of excellence for a globalized world, based on the critical cultivation of knowledgeability and the systematical generation of new knowledge.

For further information, visit https://www.unab.cl/


Red Universitaria Nacional is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to be the leading digital platform for entities related to science, culture and higher education in Chile, in order to promote communication, articulation, as well as national and global collaboration, through innovative and advanced services. REUNA is integrated by 43 institutions, including universities, astronomical observatories, and research centers. At the international level, REUNA is a founding member of RedCLARA and is interconnected with the academic networks of Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

For further information, visit https://www.reuna.cl/

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