18 May 2021

Data Observatory has held its first session

  • As a result of the ex-ante control that was passed by the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Data Observatory Foundation celebrated its first extraordinary session, including the participation of Ministers Andrés Couvé and Lucas Palacios, with the purpose of preparing the process for summoning new partners. 

On May 14th, and following the recent ex ante registration by the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Data Observatory Foundation (DO) carried out its first extraordinary session, with Andrés Couve, Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; Lucas Palacios, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism; Guillermo Carey, Independent Director of DO; María Soledad Arellano, Alternate Director from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI); Marek Bute and Carmina Hernández, Director and Alternate Director from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This turning point for the DO Foundation is significant regarding the proximate call for new strategic and simple contributors that can collaborate with its main objectives. Specifically, to acquire, process and store in digital media, the datasets that are generated by institutions of a public or private character and, that due to their volume, nature, and complexity, are data that require curation, exploration, visualization, and analysis, in order to facilitate the availability of said data for the development of science, technology, innovation, knowledge, and their applications in the economy.

The Foundation will aim at generating progress through innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by society as a whole, and based on the free use of the information and new undertakings that are to be generated from the use of the data. The colonization of the data bases that will be managed by the Foundation on its platform will be carried out by either public and/or private entities on a voluntary basis.

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