8 July 2020

Data Observatory develops and implements key components of MinCiencia’s Covid-19 data platform


In order to provide open data on the COVID-19 pandemic in Chile, the Data Observatory has developed the processes, technology and integration between the public data of the Ministry of Health and the GitHub of the Ministry of Science.

Data Observatory joins the collaboration between academic institutions and public bodies, contributing with its technical capabilities, its platforms in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the expertise in Data Science of the Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) to provide relevant data on evolution of the pandemic, which includes data from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Ministry of the Environment, and data provided by third parties on national mobility.

The Data Observatory’s work has consisted of ingesting public information from its original source, transforming it into standard formats and making it available on the GitHub platform of the Ministry of Science, which is one of the founding partners of the Data Observatory, together with the Ministry of Economy, AWS and UAI.

The MinCiencia COVID-19 database on Github is a massively used platform that offers open access to data analysis communities. The Data Observatory (DO) is also developing a set of solutions that use the cloud platforms offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) through the DO that will make it possible to multiply the access and use of this database. As a reference, only between April 21 and June 17, the platform registered about 346 thousand visits and was downloaded more than 18 thousand times, giving rise to multiple and diverse modeling and visualization applications of the pandemic carried out by third parties. (At least 22 Chilean research groups have reported using the platform).

More information at: http://www.minciencia.gob.cl/COVID19

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